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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Clovers with Kiwi Lane Designs

March is the month of shamrocks and four leaf clovers. As I was thinking about projects I would like to work on this month, I realized that there weren't any shamrock or four leaf clover shapes in any of my Designer Template sets. I took this as a challenge and decided that I would step outside of the box with my Kiwi Lane Templates, and figure out a way to alter some of the other templates to make my own clover shapes.

Let me share with you how I made three, yes THREE, four leaf clovers with my templates. And then read on to see how I turned those four leaf clovers into three leaf clovers.

For the largest clover, you will want to use the heart in the Tiny Sweetheart set (2T). Trace it four times, overlapping the points like this:

Next, erase the lines that you don't want. A lot of us go into autopilot when we are cutting things out, and it would be really easy to accidentally follow the wrong lines, if you don’t erase them before hand!

Finally, cut it out and you have your first four leaf clover!

For the medium clover, you will use the four-petaled flower shape from the
Springtime Accessory set (5), along with the flower in your
Sweetheart Accessory set (3).

Step 1: Trace the Springtime flower.
Steps 2 & 3: Trace the indent of the Sweetheart flower onto the edge of each of the petals of the Springtime flower.
Step 4: Erase the lines that you don't want.

Cut it out and you have your second four leaf clover!

For the smallest clover, I used the flower shape from my Tiny Sweetheart
Accessory set (3T).

Step 1: Trace your flower.
Steps 2 & 3: Divide and cut your flower into heart/petal shapes as shown.**
Step 4: Use four of those heart/petal shapes to form a clover. Tape it
together and trace this new shape.
**As a side note here, you could skip the dividing and cutting steps by tracing four petals of the flower in an "X" shape. But dividing and cutting helps you move the petals around without having to repeatedly erase.

Cut it out and you have your third four leaf clover!

Now that you have three clovers, they will stack together to make
layers. You can also use the arrow shapes from various template sets
to add a stem.

Ready to add a variation? Let's make them into three leaf clovers!

This one's pretty self explanatory - Just cut one petal/leaf into a stem as you see in the pictures.

These three leaf clovers also layer onto each other and make the perfect addition to a card.

I always try to step out of the box when I Play To Create with my Designer Templates! I love challenging myself to use them in new and unique ways. I hope you enjoyed stepping out of the box with me!

Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to share your own out-of-the-box template projects!!

Here are the Templates that I used:
Sweetheart 1,2,3
Tiny Sweetheart 2T,3T
Springtime 5
Mini Aspen Court 2A

Paper collection:

Lucky You by Echo Park