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Saturday, August 22, 2015

New "Live Life" Paper Kit with Kiwi Lane

Hey Kiwi Lane friends!  Have you been dying over the new Kiwi Lane paper lines, too?  I think I'm in love with all of them!!  So, to show how great they are, I've made a 2 page layout and a card to share with you today.  Both were made using the new "Live Life" collection from Kiwi Lane.  

Here's the "Framing" of my layout:

And my completed layout:

While I was making my layout, I noticed some black dashed lines along one of the printed strips that I was using.  And what goes well with a little bit of black printed on paper?  Doodling!  For my tree, I took the Tiny Nature 6T shape and doodled along the edges.  I knew I would be stacking it on the Nature 6 shape and the doodling (along with a few foam adhesive dots between the layers) help set apart the layers and add depth without a lot of bulk.  

And, of course, I had to add a little bit more doodling so I did a simple outline around the Tiny Bracket shapes for journaling, the tree trunk and the leaves of the dragonflies.  A simple addition that adds so much.  And remember- doodling doesn't have to be perfect.  The imperfections add to the charm. :)

And what do we do with our leftovers?  Make a card, of course!

The printed card is part of the Kiwi Lane "Live Life" paper collection.  I used a few templates from the Elements template set to mimic the printing on the card for a simple card.

And that's it for today!  If you, too, couldn't resist those super cute Kiwi Lane paper collections, I'd love to see what you made with yours!  Feel free to share them to Kiwi Lane's Facebook page or blog.  Or you can share the link in the comment section of this blog post.  Can't wait to see!

Templates used:
Journey 1,6
Rings 1,2,3,4
Nature 6
Tiny Nature 6T
Playtime 4
Tiny Explore 1T
Tiny Brackets 1T,2T
Paisley Place 3A,3B
12" Strips

Thanks for stopping by and happy scrapping!

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