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Friday, March 23, 2012

My Scrap Space

If you're coming from Kiwi Lane and want to look at cards, they are in the previous post.  Feel free to read on your way there :)

Every once in a while I get asked what my scrap space looks like.  This usually happens when a fellow crafter finds out that I am also a crafter.  So today, since I really don't have anything else to share that's not already in my Etsy shop, I thought I'd share my space!

My "Scrap Room" has evolved over the years.  Maybe revolve is more applicable.  My "room" changes every time we change residences.  It is usually furnished with whatever furniture we don't use in the rest of the house and goes where we can fit it in.  It has been stuck in the same room as our daughter (when she was 2 years old and didn't have toys in her room- they were in the living room), put in our room (sometimes stuck in drawers in a corner and I would pull things out and work on the floor at the foot of our bed), put in it's own room in the coldest room at the back of the house (does my family remember the house we named the "shanty house"?), stored in the family room, and sometimes it has had it's own spacious room all to itself (seriously- I took over the largest bedroom in the house once and made it my craft room!).  Right now, we live in an apartment with a large master bedroom so about 1/3 of our room has my scrap table and supplies.  It looks like this:
And I love it!  There are two windows close to my work area, which makes it nice and sunny.  And there are boxes, drawers, bins and shelves of paper and supplies EVERYWHERE!!  Really!  Under the table, right of the table, on the shelves on top of the table, left of the table in file crates and a wire paper rack.... everywhere!!

Hmm...  I should have moved the pillows from the floor before I took pictures :)
This is the area left of my table (you can see the green paper cutter on the corner of the table)- it's a kitchen storage cabinet that we don't have a use for in our kitchen.  So I have stuffed it full of scrap supplies!  There are dies in the bottom cupboard and divided boxes of small embellishments, drawers with ribbon, small boxes of die cuts, a dishpan full of paper punches and a box of paper scraps, and more!  

I hate to admit this, but I didn't include pics of ALL my scrap stuff.  Yep, there is MORE!  There is a dresser to the left of my storage cabinet that has a TV on it (J is watching a movie in the photo and you can see his hand!) and in the top drawer is a whole bunch of alphabet stickers and other embellishments like felt shapes and jewel stickers... and it is packed!  Just one drawer, though!  The other three house about half of our movie collection, which I like to watch/listen to while I'm at my desk.  Is there more, you ask?  Why YES, there is!  We have a walk-in closet with 9 different sections for clothes/shoes.  My hubby and I each have a side.  His side houses clothes/shoes in all 4 of the sections.  Mine houses clothes in two sections.  And craft supplies, idea books and magazines in the other two.  Did you do the math?  There's one more section in the middle... I took that over with craft supplies, too!  My super sweet husband knows that having this space is important to me and makes me happy, so he is content to let it take over a good sized chunk of our space.  I'm so grateful he is so understanding!!

So that is my space.... I hope you enjoyed the tour!!

And really quick before I end this post....  I want to show a glimpse into my creative process.  Are you a messy crafter or one who puts away one supply before getting the next one out?  I'll admit, I'm on the messy side!  Here's a peek at what my table looks like while mid-project:

So I want to know- are you messy when you craft or not?  I'd love to know!  Feel free to leave a comment...

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