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Monday, April 16, 2012

No More PAPER!!

The title of this post does not reflect what is happening- it is a reminder to myself of what needs to happen.  I do not need to purchase any more paper.  I have paper stuffed in every corner of my workspace and closet and a few other places that I'd rather not divulge at the moment :) but the point is that I do not need more paper!!

Why post this when I tell myself this almost every day?  A few reasons... First, if I write it down, I tend to stick to it a little bit better.  Maybe not 100%, but still better.  Second, if I write it down where others might see it, it makes it more concrete.  I don't know why, but that's just how I tend to think.  Third, I need to make a goal of... something... before I can buy more paper.  Like a certain amount of pages or a certain amount of sales in the shop... something.  I guess I'll post that when I come up with it.

And why post this now?  Well, I think the postman does not like it when I order it online (which is what I have to do for lack of scrapbook stores in the area) because then he has to haul it through the parking lot of our apartment complex, up the stairs to our second story apartment and wait at the door for me to answer.  Although, I've noticed lately that he no longer waits.  I don't blame him.  I also don't think he appreciates that my packages of paper rarely weigh less than 4 or 5 pounds.  Like the one on Saturday that weighed at least 7 pounds.  I also have to post this now to keep myself from adding more to my paper addiction by going to a warehouse sale in town this weekend... because I do not need more paper!!  Especially when I bought a few hundred more sheets in the last week.  Yes, a few hundred in a week.  And then, while I was putting away the new stuff, I found paper that I had purchased recently and forgot about.  It's too much PAPER!!  I also know that we are going to be moving within the next year.  And I don't want to move this much paper... it's heavy!  And I don't want to get rid of it without getting to use it on something pretty.  But, it's still too much paper!!

So now for some help- what should I do for a paper-using goal?  And is there a Paper Hoarder's Anonymous group I can join? ;)


Donna said...

I need to join your group. The I don't need anymore "insert addiction here". I have done well on not ourchasing crafting things. I actually put back some mirrors the other day at goodwill...I regretted it later but by then it was too late :)

Mary Anne said...

Scrapbook Steals is my downfall, but what can I say....I love paper!