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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ideas to Inspire for Kiwi Lane

If you're new to Kiwi Lane (and even if you're not) you may not know that they strive to come up with lots of inspiration to help with the creative process and using their designer templates.  Usually this task is well-executed by one of the co-owners, but this week, I was in charge of the Ideas to Inspire segment.... no pressure, right?!  Here's what I came up with for my assignment:

Sometimes when I'm using my templates, I get stuck with the idea that I can only use one of each template, which ends up limiting my design because don't have doubles of very many templates, and I don't have more than two of anything.  And that makes me feel a little limited when designing a page.  But that feeling is what helped inspire today's idea:

Use your templates to cut out more than one of the same shape to create a repetitive pattern!

Can you hear that?  It's the sound of my mind moving out of the box- and I love it!  For this edition of Ideas to Inspire, I used just 4 templates on my page (I guess it's more if you count photo templates, but those are more like an extension of my arm when I'm creating layouts...).  By using one template (Celebrate 6) repeatedly and in a geometric pattern, I've created a whole lot of visual interest that compliments my photos.  So how did I do this?  Here's the simple rundown: I designed my page using the templates as usual, only I left a space for the triangle shape at the bottom of my layout.  Then I cut out a bunch of the triangles and arranged them across the bottom.  I moved them, switched them, and rotated them until I was happy with the look.  Then I finished my pages buy cutting out the remaining pieces, inking and adhering everything.  Last of all, I added some cardstock stickers and journaling.  

I'm sure I'm not the only one that finds themselves limiting their use of the templates to how many they have on hand, but I think we should all take a moment and remember that the templates are here to inspire our creativity- not limit it!  So next time you feel like stepping out of your creative box, give this idea a try!

Templates used:
Celebrate 6
Brackets 2
Chestnut Drive 1A & 1B

Patterned paper and stickers:  Flower Box Essentials Kit by Doodlebug Design
Washi tape: My Mind's Eye
Border punch: Martha Stewart Crafts

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